Will We Be Able To Talk To Animals Too?

Many of us consider the animals around us to be our own part. We talk long with pets and our dear friends and often think that whatever we are saying to them, they can understand them. But the gap between human and non-human communication is still very wide. Will there ever be a time when, like Doctor Doolittle, we will be able to talk to animals and they too will answer us?

Will We Be Able To Talk To Animals Too?

Though it seems to be a matter of utter gossip and imagination, but is it possible to translate the dialect of animals with artificial intelligence and new technology of machines? Animals communicate in many ways – by gestures, by gestures, by changing colors, by making sounds, leaving chemical, producing waves, heating or cooling the body and by touch.

There can be many reasons for these signs, which can range from attracting a mate to warning about predators. In the communication of hunter animals, their companions may have information about the place of prey.

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Animals Talking

Most such communications are meant to pass information between animals of the same species, but examples of inter-racial communication are also plentiful, especially between hunters and prey.

Think of a worm or fish that changes its color and warns the attacker about being poisonous. But can such incidents happen between humans and other animals?

Will We Ever Understand Each Other?

Pet dog owners know that they can express their feelings and pets understand them. If you scold the dog for something wrong, then he knows that he is being told to stay away from it and he responds accordingly.

Yet there is danger in thinking that human communication is easy for animals. As the American philosopher Thomas Nigel has said, due to our own consciousness and unique human experience, the consciousness of animals is far from our reach.

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In the animal kingdom, his experience with the world is completely unknown to us. Therefore, if we also understand what is the translation of their chirp, meow and purr, will we understand their meaning? In fact, we do not even know how humans started speaking.