What Does The Fish Eat Amazing Fact 2021

What Does The Fish Eat If you are tired of feeding your fish the same old fish food every day, then it is time to change their food. This will change the diet a little and the fish will also be happy. Let us know what fish can be fed other than the fish food available in the market, which can prove to be good for their health.

What Does The Fish Eat Amazing Fact 2021

Research has found that fishes grow the fastest at a depth of five-six feet because plankton is found at this depth due to the sun’s rays reaching through the water. There is a difference in the amount of plankton at different levels of water. Due to the high availability of sun rays at the upper level, there is about 60 percent of the total plancton while at the middle and lower level there is 20-20 percent plancton. All fish seek food at different levels.

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Common Corp and Katla in the upper tier, Grass corp and Rehu in the middle tier and Silver Corp and Nanny seek more food in the lower tier. Composite fish culture is emphasized to fully exploit different levels of food in the pond. Three indigenous fish, atlas, rehi and naiad and three foreign fish common corp, grass carp and silver corp, are mixed together.

Fish Eating Foods Name List 2021

  1. Earthworm
  2. Vegetable leaves
  3. Boiled rice
  4. peas
  5. Fish fillets

The amazing thing is that fish themselves are addicted to their meat. So, if you feed them a piece of meat, store it a little in the fridge. 6+ Best Dog Favourite Food Homemade Click To Read More About Dogs Foods.