What Animals Are Reared In The House

Corona continues to wreak havoc around the world, due to the infection of the corona virus, so far more than 31 lakh people are suffering worldwide while 2.18 lakh people have died. It is a relief that 9.61 lakh people have been cured since Covid-19 so far.

What Animals Are Reared In The House

In the past, after a coronary infection in a zoo tigress and two pets, people have feared that the corona infection can spread from pets too? A tigress at the New York Zoo has been found infected with the corona virus. There have been reports of two pets being corona positive in New York City, USA. They are being told that Corona has had an infection with people from their home or neighborhood.

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Name Of Pets For House

Cow – They are clever and Intelligent animals. and they give us milk.
Dog – Dogs can learn more than 1000 words and they love with her owner.
Goat – Goat meat is the most consumed meat per person worldwide.
Pigs – Many People Like Pigs For Home, Becouse They are so cute.
Sheep – Sheep is best goat alternative. sheep give cotton from his body.
Cat – Cat Is Most Popular Pets Of Worldwide. Because Many People Call Pussy Cat.
Chicken – Many People Is Like Chicken For Give Us Eggs Or For Eat Chicken.
Donkey – Donkey Is Most Unique Animals Of Worldwide.

These animals are reared by humans for their benefit. Some animals get food from human beings, some get entertainment from others, some humans get the job of riding and carrying goods.