How Many Hours Does The Dog Sleep Interesting Facts

How Many Hours Does The Dog Sleep An average adult needs 8 hours of sleep. And how much sleep does an animal need. You would think that their work goes on sleeping a little. but it’s not like that. See, which animal sleeps daily.

Many dog ​​owners say their pets have a carefree life, and are ready to sleep all day. Is that really so? How many hours should a dog sleep? Let’s get acquainted with the opinions of experts.

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Amazing Facts About Dogs

Amazing Facts #1 : Throughout the world, the behavior of animals has long been studied. Dogs, as pets, first came to the attention of experts. During the study, comparisons were made.

Amazing Facts #2 : The man awakens by day, and sleeps at night. At the same time, it takes 25% of the rest of the time during the sleep phase. Dogs do not sleep for 6–8 hours continuously, so they spend only 10% of the REM sleep stage. The rest of the time, pets simply move to recover energy.

Amazing Facts #3 : In addition, experts divided the dogs by age and the external size of the breeds along with sleep duration. Hence medium-sized pets need to sleep for 12-14 hours daily. Puppies are known to spend more energy learning and exploring the world around them, so they have to sleep for 20 hours a day. Older dogs and older dogs also require similar long rests. The latter includes Mastiff, Newfoundland and St. Bernard

Amazing Facts #4 : To determine how many hours a dog should sleep, scientists had to track the dog’s entire day (waking up and resting) and translating everything into percentages. It was discovered that 50% of the day (ie, exactly half a day) dogs spend on sleep, 30% of the time they just lie, and the remaining 20% ​​they actively behave. However, compared to a person who needs a method of working and rest for well-being, dogs can be called “flexible” sleepers. Judge for yourself, they are easy going when someone rings the doorbell or when they are bored, can dodge. Hunting and service dogs take less rest, and chain dreams spend most of the day in sleep.

Amazing Facts #5 : Despite this difference, owners should still always be attentive to their pets. Look at their behavior and mood. If there are abnormalities (eg, the dog has become less active, more or less sleepy), you should contact a veterinarian immediately. The change may be associated with a general change of diet, or with the occurrence of diseases of the heart or thyroid gland. All this needs to be checked.