How Long Do Big Dogs Live In The World

How Long Do Big Dogs Live It is often said that to estimate the correct age of a dog, multiply its age by seven. With this, you will know his true age. But is it really right?

How Long Do Big Dogs Live In The World

My bitch Meg was 19 years and four months old at the time of her death. If her age is seen in the manner described, Meg must have been 135 years old. As far as we know, the age of the man who lived for the longest time was not more than 122 years. If this method of determining the age of the dog is not right, then what is the right way?

Mathematical Relationship Of Dogs

Dogs are one of the most diverse organisms found on Earth. Their weight varies from three kg to 90 kg and their body size and hair also vary. This also means that dogs of different species will also have different ages. And little bitches like Meg live more than big dogs against expectations.

Daniel is a professor of genetics at Promislav University and Georgia. He says, “If you think that there is a mathematical relationship between an organism’s body size and its age, it is generally positive. Gorillas, elephants and whales live more than mice and foxes.”

Dog Animals Teens

Professor Promislav has a point of view on this issue. He told that the strongest relationship with the body size of an organism is revealed by the disease of cancer. With aging, the risk of cancer also increases dramatically and it has also been seen in humans. Small breed dogs become adults quicker than larger ones.

This also means that small-breed dogs have a short teenage period and their youth last for a long time. No one knows where the theory came from that seven years of a dog’s life are equal to one year of human beings. In the sixties, in some mathematics books, children were asked to solve a question in which the relationship between man and dog’s age was said to be in the ratio of 7: 1.