Corona Virus Effect On Animals – Tips For Pet Good Health

Corona Virus Effect On Animals The corona virus can attack humans as well as animals. Therefore, if your animal is sick, then it must be checked. Because the government believes that the corona virus can infect animals. This can bring not only other animals but also family members. There are around 8 million animals in the state. Most of them are pets.

Corona Virus Effect On Animals – Tips For Pet Good Health

Corona Virus Effect On Animals – Tips For Pet Good Health

People in the family who are suspicious should also keep distance from their pet dog, cat or other animals. People coming from abroad should not only keep distance from family, but also avoid going to animals. On behalf of the government, the Animal Husbandry and Dairying Department has been alerted to protect the animals from Corona Virus. It is also said that if the animals show symptoms or become ill, then keep them in isolation for 14 days.

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How To Check Corona’s Virus On Animals Pet

  1. Complete preparation should be kept for waste management.
  2. Electricity Department: Adequate power arrangements should be made.
  3. There should be regular electricity supply in hospitals. Departments were ready for new connections in any hospital on short notice.
  4. Food and supply: Data of warehouses and cold storage should be prepared. Be ready to ship grain when needed.
  5. Transport Department: Vehicles should be arranged to carry the victims and team.
  6. Industry and Commerce and Labor: Information about masks, goggles etc. should be kept ready. Be prepared to make the above things in Unit Emergency.
  7. Solid waste management and disposal of biomedical waste.
  8. Law and order should not deteriorate, the areas of victims should be completely closed.
  9. Public Health: Keep tablets, bleaching powder, etc. completely ready for drinking water.
  10. Information and Public Relations: People’s awareness of corona
    Be brought

Important For Animals Pet Owner

  1. Lab has been set up in PGI, Rohtak and Bhagat Phool Singh Women’s Medical College, Khanpur Kalan in the state. Apart from this, samples from Chandigarh and Delhi are also being investigated.
  2. The government has demanded the Center to open the Kalona Chawla Medical College Karnal, Maharaj Agrasen College Agroha, Shaheed Hasan Mewati Medical College Nalhar Noonh,
  3. The CMO has been allowed to purchase goods etc. for their defense. The government has already tendered the purchase of triple layer mask, N-95 mask, PPE kits, VTM media kits and hand sanitizer a day earlier.
  4. All these items will be delivered in seven days.
  5. The state government has assigned the responsibility to the departments.
  6. DC has been given complete coordination in the districts.
  7. State Help Line Number
  8. District Help Line Number
  9. Control rooms have been set up in all districts. You can make any type of complaint with DC.