Cat peeing everywhere, how to prevent it ?

My cat pees all over the house, what can I do ?

A cat is very cute but it can sometimes pee all over the house and it’s at that very moment that it becomes much less cute. On the other hand, we love it and for no reason in the world we would like to get rid of it to simply avoid cat pee !

Tips for a cat who pees everywhere :

Does your cat always go back to the same place to pee in the house ? If you can’t take it anymore, you can either cover it up or add a product with an odor that cats generally hate. You can for example :

  • Cover the surface with aluminum foil.
  • Cover with newspaper.
  • Spray with lemon or other citrus juice.
  • Spray with lemongrass essence.

Your cat will hate the feeling of touch and smell and especially your cat will avoid peeing again in the future.

You can also opt for a product that eliminates the cat’s marking and therefore prevents the cat from peeing there again. Here is one of the most popular products to remove the smell of cat urine and thus stop your pet’s urinary marking once and for all !

Move the cat’s litter box

Where you will place your cat’s litter box is extremely important to prevent your cat from urinating anywhere but in the litter box. So how do you prevent a cat from peeing everywhere ? Here are a few basic instructions to properly place your pet’s litter box :

  • Never place the cat litter box near the cat’s food.
  • Never place the kitty litter in the kitchen.
  • Never place the litter box in a noisy area.
  • Never place the kitty litter in a high-traffic area.

Your cat needs peace of mind when he has to relieve himself, it’s the same for us! So if you are tired of seeing your cat peeing all over the house, you must immediately find a quiet place to put its litter box.

Clean the litter box regularly

It is very important to always wash your cat’s litter box well and as often as possible. If your cat’s litter box lacks maintenance and is always full and smelly, your cat will find another place to relieve himself and pee.

There are different products designed to clean the cat litter box but you can also simply use warm water with liquid soap. It is recommended to clean the litter box at least once a week.

Install a special mat under the litter box :

In order to keep the litter box clean and prevent the cat from urinating everywhere in the house, why not place a carpet ?

A stressed cat pees everywhere !

Did you know that stress can be one of the causes of a cat peeing everywhere except in the litter box? In fact, a cat that is too stressed or too scared may adopt such behaviour in the house.

A calm environment for your cat

To avoid this type of unpleasant behavior in your home, offer your cat a quiet environment. You can also set up a quiet corner just for him where he can take refuge or even hide if he needs to. Don’t hesitate to take him to comfort him and whisper sweet words to him.

Is your cat feeling lonely at home ?

If you leave the house often, why not put a little soft music in the house. Your cat will feel less lonely and may be less stressed and frightened by noises that may occur in the house.

Do not force the cat to go to the litter box.

If you force your cat to go to the litter box you may make the situation worse, so be careful what you do.

What we mean by this is that you should not, for example, aggressively put the cat in the litter box by screaming or talking too loudly. He would see this as a punishment and he will be inclined not to want to go anymore and therefore to pee and his needs elsewhere than in his litter box.

Two litters for one cat in the house

Did you know that it is necessary to have at least 2 litter boxes for a single cat in the house? If you have two cats in the apartment, it is important This is especially important in the first weeks and months, until your cat is completely clean.

So if you have only one cat in the house, you should simply put a second litter box in another room of the house. This will certainly help in the education of the animal especially if your cat has the bad habit of urinating everywhere in the house.

If you are looking for a quality cat litter box, why not opt for the purchase of a home toilet instead ?

Cat repellent that pees everywhere

How about making your own home repellent to prevent your cat from peeing everywhere? To make this urine repellent you need:

  • Mix vinegar and water.
  • Spray the places where the cat pees.
  • Add ground pepper to the repulsir for a better result.

Have the cat spayed or neutered to prevent peeing.

Sterilization is often one of the solutions to prevent the cat from urinating all over the house. When a cat pees in the house it is not only because of the cleanliness of the litter box or stress, it is also because of the cat’s excitement and impulses.

Thus, marking the territory sometimes becomes a real problem for owners of cats and other pets in a house. So the simple act of having your cat spayed or neutered can prevent your cat from urinating all over the house.

But if you don’t want to have your cat spayed or neutered, you can buy a product that helps to avoid urine marking in the house. You will find above in this article a product that helps to stop the urinary marking of the cat.

Cleaning pee stains with Perrier water

There is often a tendency to clean cat urine stains with strong products such as ammonia or bleach. But what we don’t know is that cats will often be attracted by these smells and may start peeing there again.

It is therefore better to simply clean pee stains with Perrier water. The less odors there will be, the less your cat will tend to go back there to urinate and relieve himself. On the other hand, using ammonia and bleach to clean the litter box is a good idea. But be careful, it is important to rinse well at the end to remove all traces and odors from the bleach and ammonia in the litter box.

Reward your cat

Preventing your cat from peeing everywhere is important, but don’t forget to reward him when he goes to relieve himself in the litter box. If you don’t encourage and never congratulate your cat, it may be difficult to convince him to go for his next pee.

It is important especially for the first days and weeks to quickly get the cat used to his new litter box and make him clean quickly.

Here are cat treats with salmon and tuna from Catisfactions a real treat for cats and perfect to encourage them to use the litter box for their needs for example.

Check the cat’s litter box

Choisir la bonne litière pour son chat c’est aussi un point important pour éviter que son chat urine partout dans la maison sauf dans son bac par exemple. C’est aussi important de toujours ajouter une bonne quantité de litière pour aider son chat à faire ses besoins dans son bac.

Si vous remarquez encore du pipi de chat dans la maison autre que dans sa toilette alors pourquoi ne pas essayer une ou des litières différentes? Peut-être que votre chat n’aime tout simplement pas votre choix de litière.  Vous éviterez ainsi que votre chat fasse pipi partout dans la maison encore et encore.

Surprendre le chat pour arrêter le pipi

Checking the litter box Why not surprise your cat? But be careful not to scare her too much because stress can make the situation worse.

So if you see your cat urinating somewhere in the house, hide and throw a bunch of keys or a newspaper near him for example. He will get scared and will eventually remember this fear and will go pee in his litter box from now on.