7 tips against the fear of dogs

You are afraid of dogsā€¦don’t panic !

Being afraid of dogs can be detrimental to his good quality of life. Sometimes it is only a temporary fear, but other times it can be a terrible fear that makes the person very anxious or even in a state of panic.

So here are a few tips to help you with the fear of dogs.

The 7 tips against the fear of dogs :

Finding out where this fear of dogs comes from

To be able to manage the fear of dogs, you must first understand the origin of this fear. If this fear is more than just a small fear, but a huge fear related to a trauma, you may need to see a psychologist to learn how to manage and treat this terrible fear you have of dogs.

Avoid staring the dog in the eyes

If you stare at a dog this way, he might think you are provoking him hierarchically. If you are too hesitant, it could also be perceived as fear for the dog.

Don’t back away from the presence of a dog.

The dog may want to subdue you and be more threatening if you back away from him. It may also be a good idea to ask the handler to calm the dog down so that you can approach you more easily.

Do not shout or run

If you shout and run, the dog will be tempted to run after you. Also, he may perceive this as a game on your part. He will want to play and therefore run after you, which may make you even more afraid of the dog.

Contact with calm animals

To overcome your fear of dogs, you will of course have to make an effort and try an approach with them. To start, choose soft and calm dogs and gradually move on to larger and more restless dogs.

Ignore the dog

If you come across a dog and you are afraid, don’t react. Ignore it completely, stay calm and keep walking as if nothing had happened.

Let the dog approach

If you know the dog is gentle and not dangerous, let him come to you to feel you. Stay calm, breathe deeply and let him do it. He will then leave.