Do cats really love us less than dogs?

It is a debate that has always been going on between cat lovers and dog lovers. The former asserts that felines are particularly endearing and attached animals, while the latter think, on the contrary, that their territory and food are much more important to them than their humans. Thus, we often hear that cats do not feel as much love for their owners as dogs do. But does this really mean that they don’t love us, or very little? Here’s the answer at last.

A different way to show affection

Dogs are considered friendlier and more affectionate than cats for the simple reason that they are more expressive. Indeed, when a dog is happy, it can be seen (and sometimes heard): wagging its tail, licking, jumping… Cats, on the other hand, tend to express their feelings of joy in a much more discreet way, by meowing, rubbing, or snuggling up to us, for example

In addition, dogs, who are more extroverted by nature, have become, over time, completely dependent on humans. They consider their master as an anchor, a guide, a bit like young children. Without him, they are lost. But love is not dependence.

Thus, the fact that the cats have kept an independent nature and are able to ensure their own safety does not mean that they feel less. Especially since studies have shown that the areas of the brain associated with love, happiness and affection in cats are similar to those in the human brain.

So, what’s really going on?

According to science, cats do not show the same type of attachment to humans as dogs do. For them, humans are not a source of security. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the relationship they have with their owners. In fact, they simply seek human companionship for other reasons than dogs.

In a group, cats act the same way with each other as they do with humans. In fact, to show their affection, they purr, sleep together and rub against each other. Their social bonds do not seem, at first glance, as strong as those created in a group of dogs. But this is because cats are not expressive and are solitary by nature. Thus, they do not need to create such close bonds to survive.

In short, don’t let anyone make you doubt your cat’s love for you!