5 signs showing that your cat trusts you

When you adopt a cat, it can be difficult for the cat to trust you. But how do you establish a trusting relationship over the long term? Cats are independent animals and difficult to identify. To help you see things more clearly, here are 5 signs that show that your cat trusts you.

Your cat sleeps next to you

When it comes to trusting people, cats are rather reluctant. A dog will wag its tail to make contact with you. The cat will express it in a more subtle way, by rubbing against you for example.

Whether it’s a kitten or an older cat, they like to sleep in a place where they feel protected. If your cat chooses to sleep on your lap, it means she trusts you completely. Enjoy it!

Your cat shows you its belly

Nothing softer than a cat’s belly, we all know it. The next time you pet a cat’s belly, remember that it is one of the most sensitive places. Another sign of confidence from your cat!

If your cat starts rolling on its back looking at you and showing its belly, you can be sure that it is very happy.

To avoid breaking this relationship of trust, always be careful when you pet your cat, especially when it comes to her belly.

Your cat has blind confidence in you

Cats are very observant. With their keen eyesight, they can see the smallest danger in the dark. They only close their eyes when sleeping or when they feel perfectly safe. But beware, they are always watching you, even when you don’t know it.

You cat rubs against you

Who has never received a headbutt from their cat? By doing so, you can be sure that your cat will show you all his love and trust. It’s official, you are his favorite human being!

Your cat lets himself be petted

Do you remember the carefree and protective feeling you had as a child? Well, cats too remember that feeling of security they enjoyed growing up.

You’ll notice it when your cat purring while kneading your pillow or belly with her paws. By doing so, he proves to you that he has full confidence in you.

How to gain a cat’s trust ?

Most of the time, patience is the key to trust, especially when it comes to a cat.

Here’s what you can do to make your cat trust you completely :

  • Set up rituals. Cats like habits. You can also occasionally give her a few treats to help build confidence.
  • Act calmly and avoid raising your voice.
  • Play with your cat on a daily basis: not only will you help him/her keep in shape, but you will also strengthen the bonds between you.
  • Give her lots of love and attention.
  • Organize a quiet space for naps.
  • Come to him when he wants to, not when he’s grooming.

It takes a lot of time to build a trusting relationship with a cat.

Each cat has its own character and may react differently. But it goes without saying that yours will not lack love and caresses!