How to attract birds in your garden: 5 tips to follow

Do you want to make your garden a true haven for birds? It’s possible, provided you apply these 5 tips!

Ban pesticides

As you can imagine, if your garden is contaminated by chemical products (herbicides, insecticides…), birds will not want to settle there under any circumstances. And for good reason, not only will there not be enough food, i.e. insects but also the insects that will not be dead will be toxic. Therefore, prefer natural gardening!

Likewise, do not over-maintain your garden. Rather let biodiversity live, especially so that birds can build their nests out of sight.

Focus on food

In order for the birds to accept your invitation and come to stay in your garden, they must be sure to find food there. So, do not hesitate to install a few feeders filled with sunflower seeds but also and especially to plant many plants. Indeed, birds, depending on their species, feed mainly on seeds, fruits, nectar, worms, or insects.

Note that fruit trees are very attractive to birds. The reason? Their flowers attract insects and they produce fruit, which is usually a favorite with birds. But beware that the fruit ripens at different times of the year. The objective? To provide your birds with a permanent source of food. For example, blackberries and raspberries are summer fruits, while blueberries and apples are winter fruits.

Install a water point

Not only does a water point allow birds to quench their thirst, but it also attracts insects. In addition, some birds love to bathe in water to maintain their plumage, especially when it is hot. And if the water is moving, it’s even better!

So if a natural water source, such as a stream or pond, is already in your garden, you don’t need to add more. On the other hand, if this is not the case, don’t hesitate to build a small pond!

Set up shelters

Whether it is to shelter from rain, wind, cold, heat, or snow, birds absolutely need shelter. Trees that do not shed their leaves in winter, such as fir or pine, offer excellent protection from the elements all year round. So do well-stocked hedges (holly, hawthorn, rosehips…).

But you can also install artificial nesting boxes to facilitate bird nesting. To do this, you can buy them in pet shops or make them yourself using cans, mailboxes, or hanging baskets. But be careful, just like for feeders and ponds, don’t forget to clean them regularly to avoid the spread of disease!

Be discreet…

What birds hate most of all is noise. Indeed, loud and persistent sounds tend to scare them away. And for good reason, what they are looking for is above all a haven of peace!

For this reason, if you absolutely want to attract birds to your garden, make sure that nothing can disturb them (no music, screams, squeaking swings, barking dogs…).